Saturday, November 7, 2015

What Is Home To You?

OK~ I love to travel, yet I always come back home. Home for me is in Iowa and I learned that it is for many, even after they have moved to live elsewhere. This led me to crowdsource on my personal Facebook page. And the one thing that stood out, is the fact that we all tend to go back to where we grew up. Our childhood often determines where we call home. The question was:  If someone asked you where you are from while traveling, what one thing would you say about the place you call home?   

Here's some of the responses I received:

Becky replied," I jokingly say I live in the middle of nowhere. Then I tell them how much less our gas prices are."This is true most of the time, as here in Iowa our gas taxes are relatively low compared to the rest of the country. Want to learn more about Becky? Hop on over to Knotty Things!

Fall In Iowa

Mary responded with, "Iowa is not just corn- beautiful, charming and peaceful." So true, just last week at TBex in Florida, I met someone who had traveled through Iowa and commented how peaceful the drive was. What I found interesting is that this tourist found I-80 to be peaceful in Iowa! Mary shares a lot of charming things of where she calls home over at Farm Girl Cook'n, check it out.

Ilana responded with, "Israel- amazing and crazy country all together but certainly what I call home. I say it's a must visit because of the history and the lively vibe but sometimes too intense to live there. So now I am in calm California." Quite honestly, this makes me want to plan a trip to Israel, who wants to plan with me?

Michael had this to say, "St. Louis, home of the Cardinals and the Gateway Arch." Having visited St. Louis this past week, I'd have to say the arch and the stadium are a must see. St. Louis did have a feeling of home, which I appreciated.

Shannon had this to say, "I always make sure to say "western NJ- the nice part! Since people often have a negative image of Jersey." Now I am curious... what's up with Jersey? Looks like I need to visit! With 100 Routes Across America, I trust Shannon on western NJ being an awesome place to call home.

Wendy responded with, "Las Vegas and NO I don't live in a hotel on the Strip or gamble! I live in a conservative small town community." I know for a fact that Wendy lives life to the fullest and she is not a gambler, but grabs every opportunity to see what our world has to offer, as she has many hats! Read all about her adventures at Wendys Hat!

Laurie had this to say, "Fertile, Iowa... Boy, does that start a conversation!" A hometown with an interesting name, is always a way to get a conversation going! To continue the conversation with Laurie, visit Butcher's Steakhouse in Mason City, Iowa, she will provide great conversation and awesome food. A family favorite here are the ribs, this household highly recommends them.

Connie of Midwest Wanderer responded with, "About 50 miles South of Chicago. Summer home of the Bears."

Julia is from Ohio... Yeah, that state that everyone mixes up with Idaho and Iowa!  She had this to say, " I always say I am from near Columbus home of the Ohio State Buckeyes."

Teresa is proud of her homestate of Kentucky as she had this to say, "Home is southern Kentucky! Go Cats!" Again, it's clear that people know their college sports teams better than the 50 states in the United States. Want to know more about Teresa? Head on over to Nanahood!

Brenda says this about her hometown, " Small town. My house unlocked most of the time. My keys are in the car and I know all of my neighbors, and I like it that way!" Now that's inspiration to call a small town home or move to one, right?

John says this to people when they ask him where he lives and it shows that we do go back to our childhood roots, " From MC Iowa and I live in Omaha!"

Melody lives in a state that I love to visit, " I always say I live in Colorado where we have everything but an ocean." That is a true statement! You can learn more about Melody here!

I laughed when Betty (a lifelong Iowan)  had this to say, " All too often we need to say, " No, that's Idaho!" And the crazy thing.. people that live in Ohio and Idaho have to straighten people out on this too *sigh*!

Sybil and Katy both love to talk about Clear Lake, Iowa when folks ask- Katy calls it home, as she lived there for 20 years and Sybil said, " Clear Lake- home of the legendary Surf Ballroom & Museum, were Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens played their last concert before a fatal plane crash turned it into the "day the music died."

Now that, my friends, is a walking billboard for Clear Lake, Iowa!

Where we live and call home often goes back to the people... Cathy had this to say, "When I lived in Florida and told people I was from Iowa they would ask if we had potatoes! Common theme, Iowa/Ohio/Idaho)! Then I would tell them you find "good people" in Iowa!"

Dana had this to say about her home- "Northern Iowa, Hanlontown! Small town, big heart!" Who else has a hometown with this claim to fame?

And then Judy chimed in with, " Is this heaven?" Something to ponder... As you can tell, her home is in Iowa! Want to learn more about Judy? Head on over to Tyden Farm,  lots of Iowa history and more!

OK..... Here's what I usually tell people. I live in North Central Iowa, 1/2 way between Minneapolis and Des Moines. It often takes those town cities before people even have a clue where Iowa is- seriously! And then my auctioneer pal Don chimed in... dang, he made me smile! He had this to say, "Iowa and damn proud of it!"

The moral of this... be proud of your roots and where home is to you! I loved learning a little more about my friends and their roots. Iowa is where I live and will always be home to me. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Thanks for including me Sara! Hugs to you!

  2. Teresa~ I was happy to include you. This was a fun post to write!

  3. This is so much FUN! Thanks for including me and I'm so happy to be known as one of your friends!

  4. This was a really fun way to learn about other states and communities.

  5. Sometimes I say, "Iowa, where the finest 'bachelors' are from!" And if it's a woman, she usually says, "Oh, right Chris Soules--he's hot!" And I share with them that I was living in Southern California and came back home to Iowa to finally find a wonderful, hunky, good farm boy! Here is a funny column I wrote for the Globe Gazette years ago: "Iowa Guys Are the Best"


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