Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Important Stories From The North Iowa Bloggers (Part Four)

OK~ It's time to share Part Four of the important stories that the North Iowa Bloggers have to share. The last part of this series I wrote was in  Part 3. Before Part 3, Part 2 was shared. and before that, there was Part 1. In case you haven't figure it out- we have some really awesome writers that reside here in North Iowa.

I'd like you to meet Abbey. Abbey blogs over at Mind Body Babies. Abbey is passionate about helping families. She is a doula and loves being part of the process of families greeting a new baby. She consistently offers great advice for new Moms to be over on her Mind Body Babies Facebook Page, as well. Are you a breastfeeding Mom that is challenged? Abbey will help you find the information and support that you need.

Meet Laura of All Things Travel. Laura enjoys traveling all around the Globe. If you want to know about cruising through Alaska, she has you covered! Maybe you want to know what the national parks look like out west, she's your go to gal. Laura's travels will inspire you to pick up the pace in exploring our beautiful world.

Leslie of The Gym Mom is exactly that, a gym mom. Leslie shares stories about her family and their adventures in gyms all across the country. If you and your family see a Mom doing a handstand in front of a national monument, it may very well be North Iowa Blogger, Leslie of The Gym Mom. Are your kids in sports or want to be? Leslie is a great resource for you, as well.

It's hard to believe that this is Part Four and there is more to come! I am so blessed to be surrounded with all of this awesome in North Iowa! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


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    1. So much awesome in this group~ blows my mind!

  2. I am enjoying getting to know the North Iowa Bloggers even better through this series! I love the uniqueness that each blogger brings to the group.

  3. Yes, we all write with our own voices and our own passions! That's what makes this so much fun!


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