Thursday, January 7, 2016

North Iowa Bloggers Continue To Share Their Stories, Meet Them (Part 5)

OK~ The North Iowa Bloggers are story tellers and all have a passion to share their story. You met some of them in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Can you believe this is Part 5? We have a fantastic group of bloggers here in North Iowa and I challenge you to get to know each of them. They share their lives with everyone online and enjoy getting to know their readers.

Meet Robin of Russell's Adventures. Robin and her husband Mark are busy raising their family in the midwest. They are a homeschooling, adventurous, community loving family. Parents, you will be inspired through Robin's social media postings and all that happens in the household of a family of six.

Becky of The Dempster Logbook will inspire you through her craftiness. She offers a lot of amazing tips for your home and keeping your family healthy. From adoption to education, she has you covered.

Quincey over at A Slightly Better Wife, shares her love of homeschooling, marriage and motherhood through her writing. Parents and grandparents alike will appreciate what Quincey has to share.

Go ahead, follow each of these blogs and connect with them through social media. We are blessed to have so many fantastic writers here in North Iowa. Several of the North Iowa Bloggers works with companies all over the country and would love to work with local businesses. If you are a local business and want to work with bloggers, here are some tips for you.


  1. Such a fun series meeting all the North Iowa Bloggers!

  2. This has been such a fun series to follow along with! Love my fellow North Iowa Bloggers!


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