Friday, March 4, 2016

What I Learned From Serving On PTO Committees

OK~ It's been a few years now that our boys have graduated from high school. I have had time to reflect on my experience with PTO Committees throughout the years. I joined the PTO early on, as I knew it was the best way to know what was happening in our school. Its' true, when you are not involved in your school's PTO, you will not fully understand why decisions are made and how those decisions came to fruition. If you are on the fence about joining your school's PTO, here is why you need to jump on board.


By being involved in your local PTO you will learn new things. If you volunteer to help out in a classroom, you may learn how to paint like never before. Classroom volunteers are often needed and it gives you and opportunity to learn something new. I can recall a lesson in tie dying that I experienced and it was fun at the same time.


Before you chime in with, "That's too much work!" Think about the importance of families coming together for school functions. A school carnival may be what one family needs to keep their child interested in attending school. Unfortunately, there are parents out there that never set foot in their child's classroom. A family event is the easiest way to get them there. Be the event planner and make it happen! The beauty of being an event planner is that you can do a lot of this on your own time. See where I'm going? Not every volunteer position is done on a schedule. When you step to to plan, you can set the time frame.


Many families get buried in the day to day activities of school, sports, music lessons and work. When you become involved in PTO, you meet new people with a common interest. You are interested in kids and families. Next thing you know, spring break will roll around and you will find yourself cruising around Walt Disney World with new friends in tow. True story- this does happen!

Most importantly decide how you want to participate in the PTO at your child's school. Maybe you want to be a monetary donor, as opposed to being there in person. Whatever you choose, be involved in the PTO at your child's school. This was how I found out what was going on in my child's school and I had a better understanding as to how and why things were done in our local school district.

After fifteen years of serving on several PTO committees, I can honestly say I was ready for a break, but I would not trade those years for anything!

So... tell me! What's your experience been like when it comes to PTO? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I've never done PTO, but we've done a lot with the sports team supporters...coaching, organizing, working, donating, etc! Working a full-time job it's hard in our district because they meet during hte day!

    1. I know the one that our family was involved in met during the day and their attendance actually went down when they moved it to evenings the first few years.

  2. I'd say for the most part, this is spot on! There are LOTS of things I've done as part of our PTA that I wouldn't have done otherwise. I would add, though, that there will be clashes of opinion and butting of heads.

    1. I do hear you on the butting of heads. I can add that as I look back at those days.... the butting of heads was not necessary, but I would say, it's part of the process.

    2. I do hear you on the butting of heads. I can add that as I look back at those days.... the butting of heads was not necessary, but I would say, it's part of the process.

  3. I loved being a part the PTO groups that I was in over the years when the boys were in school. It is such a great way to stay connected and to know what is actually going on in the school. I made friends with parents and teachers and was able to put my talents to use there as well.


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