Sunday, May 15, 2016

Charles City Middle School Looks To Be Inviting To All Students Of The 21st Century And Beyond

OK~ I recently had the opportunity to tour the new Charles City, Iowa, Middle School, which is currently under construction. This building literally took my breath away. The fun started upon entering. Yep, hard hats and all!

This is a school that will meet the needs of kids today, as well as those in the future. This state of the art school, is not only energy efficient, but in my opinion, it's also student efficient. There are a lot of wide open spaces, natural light and even an indoor fitness trail. In the midwest, this is a must! Think of the learning opportunities that an indoor fitness trail has to offer. The natural lighting that surrounds this trail really caught my attention. I'm not a fan of the long, dark cold winters that we have in Iowa, and I'm sure many students are not either. This area gives a feeling of warmth and energy, which makes many of us tired in the winter. During the warmer months, I'm sure the outdoor patio/balcony area will be embraced by everyone.

Classrooms are set up so they can be smaller and even larger, with a retractable wall. The sound booths look to be state of the art and offer unique learning opportunities. Projectors and white boards are strategically placed throughout the school to enhance learning opportunities. I noticed that the walls were different colors here and there. Our group was informed that there was some psychology behind the color choices, which made a lot of sense to me.

Kids in the Charles City school district are learning in a way that meets their individual needs. School Superintendent Dr. Cox stated that  "Special education is a service not a destination." So true... if only all school districts believed this.

I can't wait to see this new building unfold here in North Iowa. I almost forgot to mention that the kids spoke and the district listened. Here's the tree house that will be in the Charles City Middle School.

There is not another school building like this in the state of Iowa. The building does not make a great school, but when you partner a hi-tech building with teachers that want to teach in today's world, it's a win/win for everyone in North Iowa. After All, It's All in a Mom's Day, Right?

* Thank you to the team of Charles City school professionals for hosting myself and the North Iowa Bloggers.


  1. It was fun following you tour online. What an incredible school!

    1. It's fascinating~ this is a state of the art school, right here in our own back yard.

  2. WOW! What an amazing school! I can't wait to see it and get a "tour" when it's all completed!

  3. Thanks Sara for a great blog! All NI Bloggers can come to see our school very soon! Students cross the threshold in August with a Grand Opening soon after.


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