Monday, February 20, 2017

My Challenge To You Is To Patronize A Local Business

OK~ It's been a while since I've addressed the topic of local. It's time to readdress it. When did it become the norm, for our so called local organizations that run around with the titles of our home towns, to not do business with local people?

I understand that we have a world wide economy. I do truly understand that. Our brick and mortar stores are struggling to stay open, yet local offices order paper products online. Really? What's wrong with patronizing a local business? I'm talking any brick and mortar storefront. The local tax dollars do mean something in our communities and each penny does matter.

My challenge to you is to stop into a store on your main street this week and spend a minimum of one dollar. Easy enough? If each person that read this, we could make a small dent. I dislike seeing local business owners struggle, yet it's true, in order to succeed in today's world, you do need to offer something unique.

My friend Lisa of Today's Your Day, is doing that! She offers creative balloon decorations that you cannot find anywhere else. Lisa offers balloon creations that she makes with her hands and a whole lot of love!

It is true that you can purchase some of the same balloons in a local discount store, but I can guarantee you that your balloons will not look as cute as this!

So, tell me. How do you support local businesses? I was disheartened to learn that in two communities near me, five, yes I said five, main street businesses are closing. My challenge to you is to patronize the brick and mortar stores we still have. Before we know it, we will all be saying, "Where did they all go!

Have a business idea? Run with it and make it happen. Now is a great time for an entrepreneur to thrive. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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