Technologies Your Child Can Use for Online Learning

Back-to-school shopping is very different this year, especially because most classes are now held virtually. Here are some technologies that you may need to add on your back-to-school shopping list for virtual learning:

Cordless Earbuds or Headband Headphones With a Mic

Because you save money from having cell phone plans in your family, you can use the money saved to purchase earbuds or headphones with a mic. Some kinds prefer headphones because these have foams that provide comfort. Whatever style you get, these are helpful, especially for children who tend to move a lot.

Cordless Mouse

As you know, cordless earbuds or headphones give freedom in movement to your child. To make them even more comfortable studying online, you can get a cordless mouse that is operated by Bluetooth. Most wireless mouse units are smaller than other types of mouse, so the size is great for kids because they still have small hands.

External Screen

It can be uncomfortable to work or study in front of a laptop due to the position. Getting an additional monitor could help improve this. The external monitor is ergonomic. You just need to ensure that the screen is directly placed in front of you. The monitor should be around 18 inches away to avoid having eye strain.

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