How to Continue Your Children’s Study When Schools Close Down Due to the Pandemic

Your child’s education should not halt just because the schools are closed due to the Coronavirus. Home learning is more than possible, but it will require more effort from you, so you have to be patient. To help you, here are some tips on how to continue your child’s study despite the school closures:
Answer your Children’s Questions about the Virus and Make Them Feel Calm
Worries about Coronavirus that we have are the same as the worries children have. Preschool children most likely have heard about the virus while playing and have some questions in their minds. It would help if you made your children …

Ways to Make Your Children Think Like an Engineer

Thinking like engineers comes naturally to kids. This is very evident among toddlers and preschools who love building and taking things apart. However, as a parent, what you can do is guide them to reinforce their learning.
Here are some ways you can help your children think like an engineer:
Camp YouTube
Camp Youtube is a free digital platform to access. It could give the children the enjoyment of having a camp. It guides parents at home on how to have an enjoyable summer camping through Camp Youtube.
The platform offers skills in sports, arts, and STEM. As a result, children can remain active and do …

Technologies Your Child Can Use for Online Learning

Back-to-school shopping is very different this year, especially because most classes are now held virtually. Here are some technologies that you may need to add on your back-to-school shopping list for virtual learning:
Cordless Earbuds or Headband Headphones With a Mic
Because you save money from having cell phone plans in your family, you can use the money saved to purchase earbuds or headphones with a mic. Some kinds prefer headphones because these have foams that provide comfort. Whatever style you get, these are helpful, especially for children who tend to move a lot.
Cordless Mouse
As you know, …